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My Areas of Research

Image by Nicole Baster
Political Cartoons and Black Lives Matter
Image by Randy Colas
Terrorism and Media Coverage

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Press Conference

During Spring 2020, in partnership with undergraduates in Purdue University's Honors College, I will be conducting research on the way in which the news industry influences the practice of journalism. If you'd like to learn more about this project, please contact me or click to learn more!

Participate in my Research

My Publications


Does Bottom-Line Pressure Make Terrorism Coverage More Negative? Evidence From a Twenty Newspaper Panel Study.

Published in Media, War, & Conflict 
with Aaron M. Hoffman
Politician News Interview

Media Coverage and its Impact on the Politics of Group and Identities

Published in Politics, Groups, and Identities
with Rosalee Clawson
Image by Vlad Tchompalov


Political Cartoons and BLM Movement

Published in Race/Gender/Class/Media
with Anish Vanaik and Rolfe Peterson
Image by Henry Be

Reframing Racism: Political Cartoons in the Era of Black Lives Matter

Published in Politics, Groups, and Identities
with Anish Vanaik and Rolfe Peterson
Image by Perry Grone

Media and the Politics of Groups and Identities in Tumultuous Times

Published in Politics, Groups, and Identities
with Rosalee Clawson
College Campus

Multi-year Initiatives for Enhancing Diverse Students' Outcomes within Large Public Honors Colleges and Programs

Published in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Honors Education with Jason Ware
Media Interview

How Does the Business of News Influence Terrrorism Coverage?

Published in Terrorism and Political Violence
with Aaron M. Hoffman, Natasha Duncan,
Melissa Buehler, & Meredith Rees
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